Semen Bottle 40ml

New environmentally friendly raw material

Soft and not easy to damage

Made of LDPE low density polyethylene


Semen bottle features

  1. Semen bottle is used for new environmentally friendly raw materials, conforms the physiological structure of the pig.
  2. The material of semen bottle is soft and not easy to damage the inner wall of the uterus. The product is more humanized.
  3. Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  4. The bottle body is made of LDPE low density polyethylene. It is very soft, cold and heat resistant,very safe.

Pig artificial insemination step

  1. 1 clean and disinfect hands;
  2. Wash the vulva, tail roots and crotch around the sow, then soak the towel with warm water and dry the vulva;
  3. Remove the vas deferens from the sealed bag. The hand should not touch the 2/3 part of the vas deferens and apply lubricant to the rubber head;
  4. Insert the vas deferens at a 45-degree angle into the reproductive tract of the sow.
  5. When there is resistance, slowly rotate counterclockwise while move forward until the front end of the vas deferens is locked and confirmed to be locked by the cervix;
  6.  Remove quality qualified semen from the semen storage tank;
  7. Slowly shake up the semen, cut off the bottle of the insemination bottle with scissors, connect to the vas deferens;
  8. Gently press the essence bottle to ensure semen can flow the infusion bottle;
  9. Control the height of the infusion bottle to adjust the infusion time.

Encounter Problems

  1. If the semen is agglomerated, the semen has been contaminated;
  2. If you use raw materials that are not pure or have been stored for too long, as a dilution powder, the dilution quality will be unstable;
  3. The quality of the dilution watermust be good. Use double distilled water or deionized water. Can not use tap water;
  4. If the quality of semen is not checked before insemination, the quality of the breeding will be degraded.

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