Sheep Bells

XXL: 13cm

XL : 11.5cm


M : 8cm



The sheep bells are dedicated to mountain grazing.

The bells are divided into five models: small and medium for sheep; large bell for calf and big sheep; extra large bell for big cattle and big sheep.

This kind of bell is cylindrical, made of special sound-transmitting material, thick wall, sound is crisp and loud, and the sound can spread far.

Features of the sheep bells:

A variety of specifications of the sheep bells, practical and durable

Steel alloy galvanizing thermoelectric treatment

Oxygen welding is used in the place where the suspension is used, and the handle of the bells is physically welded and then oxygen welded, which is very strong.

Non-toxic, pressure resistant, low temperature resistant, durable

Bold hanging loop, easy to hang on the neck of the animal, strong and not easy to break

Overall thickening treatment, not easy to deform, long use time

Simple structure, reasonable design, handmade, durable

Bold the bell core, the sound is louder.

The sounds of sheep-bells allow people to know whether an animal is grazing, drinking water, whether it is at risk or trying to get away from something or whether it has been panicked.

Being well-versed in the behaviour of their flock, it’s easy for people to interpret each and every single bell-sound, just like experienced musicians can read an easy orchestral score blindfolded.

Sheep-bells help people locate animals that have lost their bearings while they also help animals inside a flock identify one another. It is not mere coincidence that the biggest sheep-bell is worn by the leader of the flock,so that the leader can be easily traced and guide the flock by the characteristic sound of its clinking bell.

Therefore, it is very necessary to put a bell on the flock.

Additional information

Applicable object:

cattle and sheep


Steel alloy, galvanized surface

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