Sheep Castration Pliers

Sheep castration pliers

High quality plastic material, safe to use,easy to operate

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Sheep Castration pliers can also be called Burdizzo, also referred to as Burdizzo.


Product Introduction

  1. Use: Burdizzo Clamps is a veterinary surgical instrument used for castration (also known as castration) surgery in male livestock. The device is used to cut the animal spermatic cord through the scrotum of the livestock to achieve the purpose of surgery without incision on the scrotum of the livestock, so it is called “no blood castration”. It is a more advanced veterinary instrument.
  2. Construction principle: The bloodless castration clamp is usually made of a metal material such as stainless steel. The appearance is similar to that of a large pliers. The structure generally includes: a handle for post-operative force; a secondary lever mechanism for amplifying the operator’s power and transmitting it to the cutting edge portion; the pliers portion includes a comparison Large annular part for accommodating

Usage notice:

The use of Burdizzo is not to directly destroy the testicles of male livestock.

Instead, the forceps, blood vessels, ligaments and other tissues of the livestock are cut off at one time through the scrotum, so that the testicles are gradually necrotic without blood supply.

The purpose of castration of male livestock.


Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 37 × 8.8 cm

Stainless steel and plastic handle

Max open size:



L 37* W 8.8cm

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