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Sheep Clippers Electric Wool Shearing Machine

Low noise and easy operation

Ample power and long use time

Excellent quality,safe and durable


There are two types of Electric Sheep Shears, one for fixed speed electric wool shears and the other for variable speed electric wool shears.

The fixed speed shears are simple to operate with a single switch that can be used when turned on.

Sheep clippers have one  switch with  6 gear to adjust.

Electric Sheep Shears are divided into straight-toothed blades and curved-toothed shearing blades.

  1. Straight knife 13 teeth sheep shears suitable for novice use
  2. Straight knife 9 teeth sheep shears suitable for cutting dirty sheep
  3. Machete 9 teeth suitable for sheep shearing
  4. Machete 9 teeth suitable for fine wool


  1. Sheep shearing clippers can be quick shearing
  2. Electric sheep clippers can be efficient heat dissipation
  3. All sheep can be used electric sheep clipper
  4. Sheep wool shearing machine with low noise
  5. Sheep wool clippers are easy to use
  6. Do not hurt the sheep when use the sheep wool cutting machine
  7. Sheep shearing clippers for sale is powerful


  1. The electric shearing machine has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, small vibration, comfortable grip, flexible and reliable operation, simple maintenance and low noise.
  2. The month is also suitable for the trimming of raw and cooked fur and brush. The blade of sheep shearing clippers has high hardness, good toughness, wear resistance and sharpness. The tip of the blade is finely manufactured, and the combing property is good, and it is not easy to injure the animal.
  3. Adapt to the countries of the world, different regions: different seasons, different animal classes.


Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg

220V / 110V /DC 12V


320W / 480W


ABS shell, carbon steel blade


2400 r/min



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