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Sheep Goat Lamb Ear Tags Earmark

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The sheep ear tag is one of the signs of the sheep. Lamb goat ear tags are used to prove the identity of the sheep. It carries the sign of the sheep information and is applied to the ear of the animal.

Custom goat marking ear tags for sale is lightweight, durable and cost-effective for large-scale farming . The role of the sheep ear tag is the same as that of the sheep ear notching pliers .

Sheep ear tags are good for the effective management of sheep, keep abreast of the information

Meaning of the ear tags

Through the identification function of the ear tag, the whole process of monitoring the animal from birth→slaughter→sale→consumer→final consumer is tracked.

Advantages of ear tags :

  1. Conducive to animal disease control
  2. Conducive to safe production
  3.  Improve the management level of the farm
  4.  Facilitate national safety supervision of livestock products



The sheep lamb ear tags are used with sheep ear marking pliers .


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