Sheep Metal Mouth Gag Opener

High quality metal material

Veterinary tools for pig

Not easy to rust, durable


Metal mouth gag  for sheep is a commonly used device for the treatment of pig and sheep diseases in our veterinary clinics and rural epidemiologists.

Method of keeping the animal still: After the animal is put down, insert a rope into the mouth of the sheep , hit a knot on the upper collar and tighten it.

The free end of the rope is pulled back over the front joint and pulled by the owner.

The operator holds the sheep metal mouth opener in his left hand and loads the iron tube of the mouth gag tool into the animal’s mouth.

sheep mouth gag opener is commom instrument in the veterinary clinic and rural epidemic prevention treatment.

According to the size of the animal, a suitable stomach tube can be inserted into the esophagus from the middle of the iron tube. After the rubber ball test, the funnel can be installed.

Then the sheep can be taken medicine.

Advantages of metal mouth gag

The whole body of the mouth gag for sheep is made of high-quality metal and has a reasonable design structure.

Using this sheep metal mouth opener , you can reduce the damage caused when you pour your sheep.

The metal mouth gag for animal is not easy to rust and durable.

Sheep mouth gag can be adjusted as needed

Metal mouth gag is scientifically designed to be safe, durable and easy to use.

The mouth opener gag for sheep is cost-effective and highly recommended for use on farms.

This metal mouth opener is a veterinary instrument tool commonly used in scale farms.

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