Sheep rubber nipple

Lamb special nipple

Silicone material

Non-toxic, harmless, tasteless


This sheep rubber nipple is suitable for use by newborn lambs.

It consists of a red nipple and a yellow cap

It can be directly installed on discarded beverage bottles such as Coke bottle, easy to operate, economical and practical.


The sheep rubber nipple is made of silicone, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, healthy and safe.

High temperature resistance

The two parts can be removed separately and are easy to clean.

Directly mounted on a plastic bottle, simple and convenient.

There is a steel ball inside the bottle cap as the exhaust gas, which is quick and convenient.

The nipple is very soft and does not harm the animal.


Additional information


Silicon milk nipple


5.8*3*1.2cm milk nipple


animal feeding milk bottle nipple

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