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Single Pig Farrowing House

Sow litter special equipment

Improve the survival rate of piglets

Ensure free sow activity


The single pig farrowing house is a special equipment for the sow during the littering period. The piglets are kept on a clean and comfortable floor to prevent being squeezed by the sow.

Feces fall into the septic tank through the pig slat floor, which can reduce the disease caused by fecal contamination and improve the survival rate of piglets.

Single pig farrowing house farrowing pen for sale is to provide a space for activities for piglets .

There are enclosure of the grid type and plate type two kinds . Gate type is good for ventilation and observation, but bad for epidemic prevention.

Piglets feeding trough and drinking fountains were installed in the rear of a fence . The back of the pig middle floor consists of a plastic floor and cast iron floor.

Single pig farrowing houses are only used for sows or boars; it limits the range of pig activity and allows pigs to grow faster while being easy to feed, clean and wash.

The pig farrowing house crates for sale adopts the national standard galvanized pipe and integrated hot dip galvanizing, and the rust prevention effect is very good.

All the fences of the farrowing house are made of vertical pipes, which are stronger and ensure the firmness of the pig house to the greatest extent.

Pig farrowing houses are used for empty sows and pregnant sows to prevent pregnant sows from competing for food and biting each other.

The single pig farrowing house farrowing pen for sale is also called the farrowing pen.

It mainly includes sow positioning frame, piglet fence, piglet incubatorpiglet slatted floor , cast iron pig feeding trough .

The role of a single pig farrowing house is to ensure that the sow is free to move and prevent the piglet from being crushed by the sow.

Farrowing house equipment

  1. Piglet fence, sow limit bar
  2. Sow cast iron trough
  3. Plastic slatted floor
  4. Engineering plastic piglet incubator, stainless steel drinker
  5. Piglet trough


  1. The farrowing house farrowing crates for sale can provide a small environment of about 30 °C for piglets.
  2. The floor of the delivery room is made of high-strength composite plastic sheet, which is strong in weight and smooth and does not hurt pig nipples and piglets.
  3. The temperature difference between the plastic slats and the floor is small to avoid the coldness of the pig’s abdomen.
  4. Easy to manage sows and piglets with a farrowing house.
  5. The farrowing house provides a healthy and comfortable environment and safe activity space for newborn piglets.
  6. It can reduce people’s investment in energy and economy and increase economic income.

In addition, we also offer a variety of sow farrowing crates .

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Single pig farrowing house


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