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Small Chicken Feeder

No odor and non-toxic plastic material

Small chicken feed container

Good quality and durable

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The feed container  is an automatic feeding fountain for chicks. It is very important for automatic watering system for chicken poultry farm..

The small chicken feeder is made of hard plastic in automatic poultry feeding system.

Drinking clean, safe and non-polluting water is essential for the health of chicks. In modern farms, the establishment of an automatic feeding drinking system is indispensable. This is not only conducive to the healthy growth of the poultry, but also beneficial to increase the efficiency of the farm.


  1. Adjustable feed and water volume
  2. No water leakage
  3. The small chicken feeder can prevent the chicken house from getting wet.
  4. Pure PP raw material, 100% raw material refined, will not pollute the water, clean and environmentally friendly
  5. Automatic water feeder for chicks connection with double anti-slip design, good sealing.
  6. The auto feeder waterer is available in both blue and white colors.
  7. The small feeder has a rotatable hook that prevents the drinking bowl from being unhooked
  8. The small chicken feed bowl can be fixed on the rabbit cage with a nut, which is simple to install, stable and safe.
  9. Robust and durable, it prevents the bite of the chicken
  10. There are all kinds of automatic poultry feeders and waterers for sale.

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