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Sow Farrowing Pen for Sale

Excellent quality

Corrosion resistant, not easy to rust

Special equipment for sows and piglets


Benefits of using sow farrowing pen

  1. The farrowing pen for sale can offter clean delivery environment, so that the sow can recover quickly after birth, and fully utilize the production potential of the pig
  2. Easy management of piglets and sows
  3. The farrowing pen for sale can protect piglets and prevent piglets from being crushed by sows
  4. The sow farrowing pen for sale can provide good hygienic conditions, prevent bacterial growth, and reduce piglet disease
  5. Improve the survival rate of piglets
  6. Reduce the human and economic input of farmers and increase economic income
  7. The farrowing pen for sale can provide a healthy and comfortable environment and safe activity for piglets

Product advantages

• Hot dip galvanized steel

The farrowing pen uses 2.75 thick hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which is stronger and more resistant to corrosion.

• Large space sow platen

Prevent sows from jumping out of the pen and increase the range of sow activity

• Advanced welding process

The sow farrowing pen adopts advanced welding technology, no air hole, firm welding, curved interface close to the pipe wall, stronger welding and longer service life.

• CNC bending technology

The sow farrowing pen for sale adopts CNC integrated bending to reduce the welding joint, which is more firm and strong and corrosion resistant.

• Rotatable sow trough

The trough can be rotated outwards, easy to clean, easy to manage, saving time and effort.

• U-type sow door

The U-shaped sow back door prevents crushing of the piglets, reducing losses and increasing the range of sow activity.

Installation steps

  1.  Place the sow farrowing bed legs and the slat floor in a suitable position to make the bed appear in an overall shape for easy observation.
  2.  Install the middle 4 hole farrowing bed legs first, then install the 2 hole farrowing bed legs so that it can support the four slat floors and then fix them with screws.
  3.  Install pig slatted floor and electric heating board.
  4.  Install the fence and fix it with screws
  5.  Install short fence, small door, pig trough, fixed with screws
  6.  Install plastic piglet incubator, piglet trough and platen steel fence.

The company offers a variety of types and specifications of the sow farrowing crates , welcome to call or network consultation.

Additional information


sow farrowing pen for sale


Anti-aging, not easy to fold


Ductile iron




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