Stainless Steel Animal Burdizzo Castration Tool

Made of stainless steel for durability

Animal castration veterinary surgical instruments



Stainless steel animal castration tool is veterinary surgical instruments used for castration surgery in male livestock.

The castration forceps animal castration tool achieves the purpose of surgery by placing a highly elastic plastic ring on the root of the scrotum of the livestock, compressing the blood vessel, and blocking the blood flow of the testicle to achieve the gradual necrosis of the testicle.

Bloodless castration method, that is, not incision on the scrotum, but use a steel castration forceps or a clamp stick to firmly tighten the spermatic cord at the base of the scrotum to block the blood flow and make the testicles less than nutrition, and shrink.

The spermatics of cattle and sheep are longer, and this method is applicable. The sheep can even use the rubber band to tighten the base of the scrotum and cast the castration.

Stainless steel animal burdizzo is animal castration veterinary surgical instruments.

The animal burdizzo  is made of stainless steel and does not rust and is durable.

The burdizzo animal castration tool needs to be used with castration rings.

In addition, the company also offers another animal elastrator .

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Stainless steel


Pig, sheep,cattle




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