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Stainless Steel Bloat Trocar for Cow

Suitable for ruminants

Stainless steel material

Rumen puncture using tool

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Bloat trocar for cattle is made of stainless steel and is mainly used for rumen expansion of cattle and cattle and sheep.

The Bloat trocar for cattle is a plastic handle with a stainless steel needle.

Bloat trocar for cattle is suitable for ruminants such as cattle and sheep.

Bloat trocar for cattle is the main surgical tool for rumen puncture.

The three needle lengths of Bloat trocar for cattle are 13cm, 14.2cm and 14.6cm respectively.

This product is stainless steel three-purpose trocar.

Cow standing still method

First hold the horn with one hand, then use the other hand to lift the rope or pinch the nose septum with the thumb and index finger, middle finger to fix it; or squat on the trunk.

Then tie the two hind limbs with a rope together.

Rumen puncture is mainly used for emergency treatment of acute rumen flatulence.

The purpose is to prevent suffocation or ruminal rupture in cattle and sheep, and also to inject drugs into the rumen.

The rumen puncture site is usually located at the left axillary position of the sheep, that is, the central part of the line connecting the hip nodule with the midpoint of the last rib.

It can also be puncture in the most obvious part of the rumen area.


  1. Stainless steel, no rust, durable
  2. Comes with three different lengths of needles to meet different needs.
  3. Plastic handle, non-slip, comfortable to use
  4. Excellent quality and reasonable price

Puncture method

The sheep are fastened, and the surgical site is sheared and disinfected. The operator uses the left hand to move the skin of the surgical site forward slightly .

The right hand is inserted into the skin by a special satinless bloat trocar or needle, and is obliquely rightward.

The side of the elbow is inserted into the rumen.

If necessary, a scalpel can be used to cut a small mouth on the skin, and then the trocar is stabbed.

When the gas is discharged, it is only necessary to pull out the bloat trocar core, but the deflation speed should not be too fast, and intermittent deflation should be carried out to avoid acute brain anemia.

If the pinhole is found to be clogged during deflation, use a needle to re-open it.

At the same time, the cannula can be fixed and retained for a period of time, or a drug such as a detoxifying agent can be injected through the cannula to avoid the occurrence of ancillary gas.

When pulling out the cannula, you need to insert the needle back and press the skin around the cannula with your fingers, then slowly pull out the trocar.

Finally, after routine disinfection, it is covered with fire cotton glue.

Additional information


Needle 13/14.2/14.8cm




Withdrawing fluid


Plastic handle, stainless steel needle


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