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Stainless Steel Feed Scoop

Stainless steel animal feed shovel

Excellent texture and durability

Smooth surface of shovel, no harm to the hand

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The feed scoop is an animal-specific stainless steel shovel.

The animal feed shovel is made of high quality stainless steel and is not afraid of falling. It can be used for 10 years.In large-scale farming, animal feed is an essential food, and the traditional tool for shoveling is a bowl. The bowl has no handle, it is inconvenient to use, and the bowl is too heavy and some are easy to break.The stainless steel animal feed scoop just avoids these drawbacks.

The feed scoop with stainless steel is 25 cm in length and has a handle length of 10.5 cm.

Advantages of animal feed scoop:

The feed scoop is made of stainless steel and is durable and does not rust.

The handle of the animal feed scoops are also stainless steel and feels comfortable.

The scoop is thickened and durable.

The surface of the hopper is polished, smooth and does not hurt your hands.

The feed hopper scoop has fine workmanship and excellent quality.

This animal feed scoop has a handle and is easy to use.

In addition, the company also sells plastic feed scoop .

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