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Stainless Steel Hog Feeders for Sale

Stainless steel automatic pig feeder

Large capacity, saving time and effort

Excellent quality and reasonable price

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The feeder is a stainless steel double sides feed trough for pigs.

The automatic stainless steel hog feeders are made of stainless steel and is durable.

The pig feeder has a slot on both sides to accommodate multiple pigs eating at the same time.

This pig chute has multiple gears to control the speed of the unloading.

The hog feeders for sale can automatically feed the feed, saving time and effort.


The pig feeder is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to cold and sun, corrosion-resistant and not afraid of being beaten.

The pig feeder has a double-sided design slot and a large capacity to effectively meet the needs of multi-head pig feeding.

The pig feeder for sale can adjust the speed of the discharge at will, easy to operate, saves time and effort.

Stainless steel automatic feeder built-in automatic feeder, piglet mouth gently top, the feed can be down, saving time and effort.

The hog feeders for sale can adjust the height.

In addition, the company also offters plastic automatic pig feeding trough for sale .

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 55 cm



stainless steel




piglet hog pig feeder


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