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Stainless Steel Pig Catcher

stainless steel catcher for pig hog swine

Design science of the catcher

Simple operation and durability

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The pig catcher is made of stainless steel, durable and safe, no harm to pigs.

The stainless steel pig catcher is strong, resistant to wear, rust and has a long service life. The hog catcher is suitable for the treatment, diagnosis and blood collection of animals.

The stainless steel catcher consists of a lock and a handle, and one can treat, diagnose, and collect blood from the animal, saving manpower.

In addition, the company also sells another set of generic hog pig catcher .


High-strength stainless steel material of the swine catcher with electroplated polished protective layer, not easy to rust, thickened and thickened, long service life

The pig stainless steel catcher has a switch, a lock design, easy to use, and a spring to adjust the length of the hook.

The handle of hog catcher is ergonomically designed and the pull handle adjusts the size of the front rope loop.

The pig catcher has two screws to secure the wire rope, which is firm and secure, and it is safer to catch pigs.

The pig catcher’s wire is made of high quality stainless steel thick rope, durable

Design science of the catcher. The structure of the swine catcher is simple and the design is reasonable. One can perform treatment, diagnosis and blood collection activities on animals; it is safe to not harm pigs and is convenient to use.

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