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Stainless Steel Piglet Feeder

Stainless steel piglet feeder trough

Wear-resistant, non-rusting

Made of high-strength stainless steel

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The stainless steel feeder is used to feed newborn piglets and add feed.

The stainless steel piglet feeder trough is made of high-strength stainless steel and is light and durable.

The feed trough is a modified thickened and weighted pig trough that is more durable and more cost effective.

Feeder trough designs are easy to empty, wash and sanitize while preparing for new pigs.The stainless steel piglet feeder has three sizes.


Reasonable design, practicality, stainless steel piglet feeder trough can accommodate a litter of pigs at the same time, convenient, more efficient

High-strength stainless steel, wear-resistant, non-rusting, longer service life

This feeding trough has a larger capacity than before, deepening the bowl shape, giving more space and more feed.

The back of the piglet feeder trough is designed with hooks that can be hung directly on the septic board for easier and more stable use.

The stainless steel trough is smooth surface and easy to clean.

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