Stainless Steel Syringe

Available in a variety of sizes

Clear and precise scale

Interface and core are made of copper

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In order to ensure the health of the animals, but also for the economic interests of the farms, it is necessary to vaccinate regularly when the animals are small. Some vaccine injections and treatment of diseases must be carried out by veterinarians, but most of the time the farms can be injected by themselves, so syringes are often indispensable veterinary appliances in large-scale farms.

The company sells veterinary syringes of various materials and specifications, with guaranteed quality, reasonable price and good service.

This stainless steel syringe is made of special technology and made of special materials. It has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, simple structure and easy to be damaged.

The syringe is made of TPX. The inner rod of the injection is made of stainless steel. It will not rust, the scale is clear, and the injection volume can be adjusted.

High quality copper head, stainless steel inner rod for extended service life.

The stainless steel syringe is available in 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml sizes.


  1. Steel syringe meets corporate standards, quality assurance
  2. The syringe is easy to operate, labor-saving, and does not leak
  3. This stainless syringe is made of special material, which is not easy to damage and cost-effective.
  4. The handle of the syringe is ergonomically designed for a comfortable feel.
  5. High quality copper head, stainless steel inner rod for extended service life
  6. The syringe’s interface and core are copper-plated for durability.
  7. The scale of the syringe is very precise and will not wear out even after prolonged use.
  8. Scientific design of the handle, ergonomic and comfortable to use

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Plastic steel, cooper head


Diagnosis & Injection


veterinary animal syringe




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