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Stainless Steel Syringe Needle

Nylon base, electroplating iron needle

One-time veterinary injection needle

Safe, healthy and non-toxic

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Stainless steel needles are well-made, quality guaranteed, and a variety of models are available.

This stainless steel needle is disposable.

Needle supporter is locked by twin screws and takes the design of large area rotation, which makes the conjugation much safer and disassembling easier.

Stainless steel syringe needle polishing of both inner and outside wall of tubes and the chamfer at ends of tubes can guarantee the accuracy of liquid dispensing, avoid drawing.


No. 7 needle: needle diameter 0.7 mm, needle length 15 mm

No. 9 needle: needle diameter 0.9 mm, needle length 15 mm

No. 12 needle: The diameter of the needle is 1.2 mm, and the length of the needle is 20 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm.

Product Features

Fine workmanship of the needle

This needle is a big brand production, meticulous workmanship, use assured

No leakage

The needle seat and the needle tube are firmly adhered and do not leak.

International needle seat

The needle holder can be applied to most GB syringes

Excellent material

The needle is made of high quality material, made of nylon and galvanized iron.

Health and Safety

Disposable stainless steel needle, castrated and disinfected

Stainless steel syringe needle using suggestion

Chicken, fish: NO. 7/9#

Pig, sheep: NO. 7/9/12

Lab:  NO. 7/9/12

Cattle, horse: NO.12

Additional information


Stainless steel needle




Nylon base, electroplating iron needle


Veterinary syringe needle


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