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In order to obtain accurate test results, the test can be carried out for 18 days in the sow breeding, and no later than 75 days after the sow is mated. Testing at 18 days after breeding should be repeated after 30 days to ensure accurate test results.

Swine pregnancy tester ultrasound machine can check whether the sow get pregnant or not after 18~21 days of the sow copulated with the male. Thus the deed can lower the cost and increase the return.The failure rate of checking pregnancy is almost zero.

Use method of swine ultrasound machine

  1. Prepare paraffin oil, vegetable oil, or motor oil before starting to test the sow.
  2. Apply oil to the probe surface of the pregnancy detector or spray it on the sow so that the instrument pig ultrasound machine and the sow have a better skin contact.
  3. Place the probe on the right side of the sow 2 inches back. (Approximately between the penultimate and third nipples) tested at a 45 degree angle.
  4. Every time the probe leaves the measuring point, it must be re-applied and continue testing.
  5. If you hear a intermittent sound, the sow is not pregnant. If you hear a continuous sound, the sow is pregnant.
  6. It is best to choose to test in the quiet condition of the sow. For the first test, if the sow is not pregnant, please test it for a certain period of time (7-10 days).

Working principle

The host of the pregnancy tester swine ultrasound pregnancy can emit a high-frequency sound wave called an ultrasonic wave. When the ultrasonic wave enters the sow for scanning, an echo is reflected to the receiver.

The swine pregnancy tester ultrasound machine can distinguish whether the received echo is from the reaction of amniotic fluid, and the continuous long sound indicates that the uterus is full of amniotic fluid, and the short tone represents no pregnancy.

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