Turbine Ventilator

No electricity, continuous operation,

High efficiency, energy saving

Made of stainless steel for durability


Turbine ventilator is installed on the roof or wall to provide effective ventilation for a variety of buildings, resulting in clean air, improved work efficiency and a good working environment.

Turbine ventilator automatically absorbs hot air, moisture, dust, odors, and fumes from the kitchen and kitchen chimneys, reducing indoor noise and increasing light.

It can always run automatically, independent of natural weather; it does not require any electricity, saving energy and cost.

It is installed on the top of the building or on the wall, the appearance is beautiful.

The installation is simple and convenient, easy to operate and cost-effective.

It will not make the roof leak, 100% waterproof, rain or snow.

It makes the appearance of the building more beautiful.

Turbine ventilator is suitable for all roof types with slopes from zero to 22.5 degrees.

Precision steel shaft, excellent quality.

It can improve air conditioning efficiency.Reduce the temperature of the roof.


  1. Environmental protection: no electricity, continuous operation, high efficiency and energy saving, no noise, no spark, and explosion-proof.
  2. Weatherproof features: arc-shaped blades, each with a gap between the blades and the blades. When rotating, the blades complement each other to fill the gap. A large amount of rainwater is thrown along the circular section line, and a small amount of rainwater flows through the leaves and pieces.The roof does not flow into the turbine, while the rotating turbine allows air to flow out of the blade gap, blocking the entry of rain.
  3. Operating device: High-tech ball bearing, which is completely enclosed and permanently self-lubricating, allowing it to rotate at a breeze below 3.2Km.
  4. Dust-proof: The turbine exhaust fan does not stop for 24 hours, and the dust is not easy to adhere, even if it needs to be cleaned.
  5. Light weight: Turbine exhaust is installed on the roof and the total weight is about 15Kg/seat. It is quite light and can not be considered when designing the load of steel structure.
  6. Daylighting: There is a gap between the blade and the blade, which will enter the room, which can increase the illumination by 5-10% and save electricity.
  7. Life expectancy: The general service life is more than 15 years.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Blade Material:

Stainless Steel


roof fan


8-13KM, 1200 r/min

Work mode:

Wind powered


29 piece

Turbine diameter:


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