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Veterinary Automatic Water Level Controller

Environmentally friendly

High quality plastic material

Save manpower and water

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This product is a new generation of pig farm drinking equipment.

This automatic water level controller is a special drinking water equipment for pig farms.

Product accessories include water level control valve, drinking basin, steel pipe and water inlet hose.

Steel pipes and drinking basins are available in various specifications. For details, please call or network.


The automatic water level controller is simple in structure, easy to use and requires no maintenance.

The veterinary automatic water level controller is made of high quality plastic and is durable.

Stainless steel drinking fountains are available in three sizes, durable and rust free.

The steel pipe has 1.2m of stainless steel pipe and galvanized pipe, and the quality is reliable.

The water level controller has a snap-on design and is easy to install and remove.

Environmental protection, reducing pollution

This product can automatically adjust the water level and save water.

The product is metal free and avoids scratching the pig’s mouth.


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