Animal Veterinary Endoscopy Equipment

Aluminum handle, stainless steel tube

Safe and healthy

Excellent quality and reasonable price


Animal veterinary endoscope equipment is a special instrument for gastrointestinal endoscopy of livestock such as cattle and sheep.

The veterinary endoscopy is mainly used for hysteroscopic pregnancy examination of cattle and sheep.

Through the veterinary endoscope for sale to directly understand whether the animal uterus estrus is normal, improve pregnancy rate.

The endoscope equipment is a medical device used to directly observe the lumen of an animal and can perform surgery. It plays an extremely important role in minimally invasive surgery and is one of the indispensable tools for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The animal veterinary endoscope equipment can clearly observe the lesions, and can be photographed or videotaped, which improves the diagnosis of the lesions, and opens up a new field of endoscopic treatment.

Veterinary endoscopy image


  1. Medical material, in line with health standards
  2. The tube of veterinary endoscope equipment is a stainless steel tube
  3. The battery case is made of aluminum alloy and is durable.
  4. Excellent quality and durability
  5. Veterinary endoscope for sale is easy to use and easy to operate
  6. Health and Safety

Veterinary endoscope for sale usage:

  1. Judging livestock estrus, optimal fertilization period, uterine inflammation
  2. Urethral examination
  3.  Rectal examination
  4. Throat and throat examination
  5. Abdominal examination
  6. Dystocia check


  1. Check for any looseness before use and tighten it. Equipped with battery. Tube disinfection is necessary.
  2. The veterinary endoscope equipment can be used for dry heat sterilization or 2% cesium bromide sterilization. It can also be disinfected with 75 percent alcohol. It can also be soaked in 10% formalin for 15 minutes and then washed with sterile distilled water.
  3. Animal veterinary endoscopy equipment should be cleaned in time after use, discharge lamp holder, wipe clean tube. If it is not used for a long time, Vaseline should be applied to the surface of the endoscope tube to prevent oxidation of the alloy and maintain its surface gloss.
  4. Disinfect after use

Note: Animal veterinary endoscopy equipment requires the installation of battery No. 1.


Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 17.5 cm

aluminum handle, stainless steel tube

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