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Veterinary Metal Syringe

Veterinary metal syringe

Clear and precise scale

Stainless steel and copper material

A variety of specifications to choose from



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The metal veterinary syringe adopts international advanced technology, the outer casing of the syringe is made of stainless steel, the inner rod is made of copper, it is not rusted, the structure is simple, and it is not easy to be damaged.

Product Description:

After using the veterinary metal syringe, the piston should be cleaned in time. The syringe is suitable for boiling disinfection or other syrup disinfection, and should not be sterilized by high pressure steam.

Metal veterinary syringes are available in 50ml,  20ml, 10ml three sizes.

Features of vaccine metal syringe

Syringe meets corporate standards, quality assurance

The metal veterinary syringe handle is ergonomic and comfortable to use

Professional veterinary equipment factory production, excellent quality

Stainless steel casing, copper core, overall does not rust

The syringe is easy to operate and does not leak.

What should you do if I encounter a leak?

If a leak is found when using the syringe, the elbow handle can be adjusted at the end of the syringe; the handle is connected to the center rod, and the red rubber pad can be squeezed to achieve the seal when twisted.

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Diagnosis & Injection


Stainless steel and cooper






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