Veterinary Obstetrical Instruments for Cattle

Stainless steel material

Health and Safety

Excellent quality and durability

Veterinary obstetrical instruments for cattle


The veterinary obstetrical instruments for cattle are one of the indispensable instruments in the large-scale breeding of cattle.

A threaded rod that is connected by a front threaded rod and a rear threaded rod of the same shape, size and thread.

The end of the front threaded rod is connected with the trough bracket, and two holes are respectively arranged at two ends of the trough bracket.

The bundled cable of veterinary obstetrical instruments for cattle is connected between the two holes.

The movable booster is mounted on the threaded rod.

The veterinary obstetrical instruments for cattle is suitable for cattle breeding plants, cattle raising communities and veterinary stations.


  1. Stainless steel material, quality assurance, can withstand heavy loads, easy to use
    The veterinary obstetrical instruments for cattle installation and operation is very simple, flexible and convenient to use, saving manpower and durability.
  2. Automatic sliding fixture, fixed and secure, lever tension can be easily moved, smoothly pull out the calf.
  3. Pulley rod, rotating pulley for easy mobile stretching, Scientific and reasonable design, easy to operate with one hand.
  4. Special nylon rope, strong and not easy to break, not easy to damage calf skin

Four reasons to buy:

Scientific design,pulling to the top of the bottom back

Traction can move quickly and accurately, with even force and no slip

The veterinary obstetrical instruments  is easy to install, flexible and convenient to use, saves manpower, and is durable.

Livestock can be used obstetrical instruments while standing or lying down

veterinary obstetrical instruments for cattle can be operated by a single person to prevent the occurrence of dystocia in the case of night, rain and snow

This veterinary obstetrical instruments minimize the damage caused by the dystocia of cows, reduces the damage to the cow’s birth canal, protects the health of the calf, improves the survival rate of calves, and improves economic benefits.

Detailed product manual is included. Installation is easier.

Veterinary obstetrical instruments



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Weight 9 kg

Stainless steel



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