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Veterinary Water Level Controller

Scientific design

Excellent material and durable

Save water,  time and effort

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This product is an automatic veterinary water level controller.  It is drinking water automatic pig farm equipment.

The automatic water level controller is made of PVC raw materials and is durable.

This product can automatically control the water level, saving manpower and saving water.

The  veterinary automatic water level controller eliminates the need for electricity, saves energy and protects the environment, and reduces pollution.

This product has a wide range of applications and can be used in most farms.

This product adopts aerodynamic principle, no need to use electricity, avoid water waste, and reduce the discharge of pig farm sewage.

Why is it worth buying?

The water level is obvious, and the livestock drink water is convenient.

Products can effectively reduce pollution, save water and environmental protection

The veterinary water level controller is a special equipment for the farm, which is labor-saving and efficient.

The automatic water level controller is designed with a clamshell design and advanced technology for longer use.

The veterinary automatic water level controller is made of high quality silicone seal and is more durable than ordinary water level.

The automatic water level controller is designed according to the principle of water flow, which consumes no electricity and is convenient for energy saving.

The product is designed with 304 stainless steel filter to prevent blockage of debris.

The veterinary automatic water level controller is convenient to connect, and no water is needed for the water pipe.

The water level controller is equipped with a switch button, which is convenient to use and saves water resources.

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