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Water Nipple Drinker Chicken Feeder Chicken Drip Waterer

Chicken automatic drinker

Excellent plastic material

Save water,safe and convenient to use


Chicken drip waterer nipple drinker best automatic chicken waterer

This chicken nipple drinker has a PP tube and the movement is made of abs.

The needle and built-in device are the best 304 stainless steel.

Water nipple drinker chicken feeder can be directly installed on a 25 cm PVC round tube (digging hole diameter 0.95 cm -1 cm, so water can flow out from the hole)

The stainless steel drive rod has a diameter of 2.9 mm to meet the water output of 30-40ml / min .  And the lever can be easily use by the chicken.

The nipple drinker chicken drip waterer price is very affordable.

Features of drip waterer

  1. Chicken drip waterer has the advantages of convenient drinking, sanitation, labor saving and economy.
  2. Drinking water is convenient and saves water.
  3. Automatic drinking water, saving time and effort
  4. Excellent quality and reasonable price
  5. The water nipple drinker chicken feeder is composed of a casing (drinker body), a stem spring and a rubber sealing ring.
  6. The valve stem is in tight contact with the sealing ring under the spring force of the spring, so that the water cannot flow out.

Instroduction of chicken drip waterer

It chicken drip waterer uses gravity and capillary action to control the water droplets, so that the nipple often has a drop of water.

When the chicken drinks water, the thimble is touched and the water flows out.

After drinking the water, the thimble valve seals the waterway and no longer flows out.

This type of drinking fountain best automatic chicken waterer is clean and hygienic, saves water, does not need to be cleaned, and saves labor.

However, because the axis of the thimble is very thin

It chicken drip waterer is easy to bend or damage, resulting in blockage and water leakage, so the processing quality and precision and water quality requirements are strict.

Our products are of high quality, please feel free to use them.

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