Window Ventilation System

Chicken house ventilation system

Stainless steel thick material

Uniform ventilation and environmentally friendly


The window ventilation system is used for ventilation in chicken houses.

The window ventilation system adopts mechanical ventilation according to the mechanical principle.

The suction port is designed to remove polluted air without opening the window, enter the fresh air, exchange indoor and outdoor air, and maintain the indoor air quality.

This ventilation system is filled with 20mm thick polystyrene insulation board.

A set of window ventilation system can open three angles at the same time, and the ventilation is more reasonable.

The ventilation window close to the fan is small to open, and the opening of the fan is large, so that ventilation is uniform.

The spring of the venting window is made of stainless steel and is durable.

Ventilation window size: width 600mm * height 320mm * thickness 160mm

Window ventilation system features

Made of high quality engineering plastics, durable and resistant to aging;

Closed, easy to open (108° opening angle), external entrance with anti-bird net;

Filling a polystyrene insulation board with a thickness of 20mm.

Window ventilation system:

Automatic control: According to the preset pressure difference inside and outside the house, the motor controls to open the air intake throttle valve to meet the pressure difference requirement.

Manual control: The operator observes the negative pressure gauge inside the house and manually operates the winch until the set value of the pressure gauge is reached or controlled according to experience.


Additional information

Weight 5.0 kg

Window ventilation system




ABS plastic material


poultry chicken house, greenhouse etc


air inlet ventilation

Max ventilation flow



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