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Wire Cage Buckle Clips Pliers

High quality steel material

Cage installation pliers tool

Excellent quality and reasonable price


Wire cage buckle clips pliers are made from special steel.

Wire cage buckle clips pliers has a unique design that reduces fatigue based on human hand design.

The handle of the pliers is made of plastic material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable and non-slip.

Uses : Used to clamp or pinch something, mainly used in manual assembly of cages in farms. The use of cage mounting pliers saves time and effort compared to traditional assembly methods and does not harm the animal’s body.

This wire cage buckle clips pliers needs to be used with a snap.


The caliper body is made of high-quality steel, which is strong and durable.

The surface of the handle is made of plastic material, which is comfortable to hold and does not hurt your hand.

Ergonomically designed, saving time and effort, and assembling cages with high efficiency.

Easy to use with snaps

Wire Cage Buckle Clips Pliers are an indispensable assembly tool in modern farms.

In addition, the company also sells other styles of pliers, excellent quality, reasonable price, welcome to consult and order.

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