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Zero Waste Chicken Feeder

High quality plastic material

Suitable for large-scale chicken farms

Saving feed and costs

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The product is a chicken feeder . The chicken feeder is red color .  Of course, if you like blue, we can also provide a blue chicken feeder.

This feeder is made of high quality plastic and contains anti-UV additives. The chicken feeder saves feed . The product is a zero waste chicken feeder.

It is healthy and safe, and the design is beautiful and unique.

The chicken feeder is detachable, easy to clean and easy to add feed.

We provide feeders for chickens to minimize feed wastage, keep foods clean and fresh, and we can monitor how much they eat, and it keeps the area clean.

The zero waste chicken feeder allows the chicken to eat all day, ensuring optimal egg production and chicken health. It also helps to eliminate feed spillage and keep pests away, thus saving feed costs.


  1. The poultry feeder is made of high quality plastic,durable.
  2. The feeder is removable, easy to clean, healthy and clean.
  3. Beautiful and unique design, reasonable structure
  4. The chicken plastic feder can be placed on the ground or suspended.
  5. The automatic chincken feeder is thick plastic, durable and cost effective.
  6. Excellent quality and light weight.


The zero waste chicken feeder is made of stainless steel for durability.

The zero waste chicken feeder is of excellent quality and light weight.

The chicken feeder can be used for a long time, reducing costs.

In addition, the company also offers blue chicken feeder.

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