There are many people who breed meat rabbits now. The rabbit is very cute, but it is also very fragile.

Many people are not well managed during breeding, resulting in a greatly reduced survival rate of rabbits.

Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the management of rabbit breeding. How to manage it? Let’s talk about it today.

• Keep quiet

The rabbit’s courage is relatively small, and it is necessary to keep the environment around the farm quiet during the breeding process.

The noisy sound may cause the rabbit to be scared, causing the rabbit’s appetite to drop, growth and development to be hindered, and more harmful to the pregnant female rabbit.

A pregnant rabbit may be aborted and may have a miscarriage.

Female rabbits during the feeding period will refuse to breastfeed.

This will seriously affect the nutrient absorption of young rabbits, which will greatly affect the growth of young rabbits.

• Pay attention to ventilation and cooling

The rabbit’s hair is thick and warm, and it is very good for cold environments.

Adult rabbits can withstand temperatures down to 0 ° C or even lower. As long as it is not lower than 5 °C, the female rabbit can reproduce normally.

But because of this, rabbits are very afraid of heat.

If the heat is not dissipated in a high temperature environment, it is easy to cause heatstroke in the rabbit, and the rabbit can’t sweat, and can’t dissipate heat through the sweat glands.

Therefore, we must do a good job of cooling the rabbits in time.

• Eating at night

The lifestyle of rabbits is different from that of humans.

In the daytime, although the rabbit needs to eat, after eating, the rabbit does not move, but sleeps directly in the cage or rests.

But in the evening, the rabbits began to become very active, and the amount of food intake became very large compared to the daytime.

The amount of food consumed in the evening accounted for 3/4 of the daily intake, so we insisted on feeding at night.

• Consider the habits of rabbits

Rabbits have the nature of punching holes. Especially when farming in a free-range manner, rabbits usually drill holes before they start breeding.

So we have to take this into account when building the rabbit house.

It is best to build the rabbit house on a hillside or in a hilly area. The soil should not be too hard.

• Raise the rabbit separately

It is very important to raise rabbits separately during the breeding process. Because the rabbit will have a certain sense of territory after adulthood.

If you raise them together, there will often be chasing fights between the same sex, especially between male rabbits.

Therefore, try to put a male rabbit and a female rabbit in the cage as much as possible, so as not only can avoid the fight between the same sex, but also improve the reproduction rate between the rabbits.