Blind construction of cattle houses

Before raising a cow, it is generally necessary to build a cow house, but some farmers have been affected by some false news and blindly invested in the cost to establish some unnecessary cattle houses.

The construction of the general cattle house is based on the actual situation in the local area.

If the local temperature is high, build a diffused cowshed. If the local temperature is low, build a semi-open cow house.

Blindly choose the breed of cattle

Some farmers blindly listened to the varieties recommended by others and bought them in the past. But they forgot to understand the habit of this cow. They bought it and found that the cow could not adapt to the local environment and would cause unnecessary economic losses.

Generally speaking, there are generally cattle breeds suitable for local breeding. If the benefits are not good, no one will raise them. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a variety to buy near you to reduce the probability of loss.

Bad habits in breeding

Feeding is a very important issue.

Nowadays, many farmers do not pay much attention to the raising of cattle due to the problem of feeding level.

They think that it is enough to let the cows eat food every day. In fact, this mistake is very serious.

First, the feeding time must be on time. Secondly, the cattle feeding in different periods must be changed, and different types have different changes.

Mixed farming

Mixed farming is a common condition in farming. Many people think that cattle are social animals, so it is more convenient to put them together. In fact, this is a great injury to cattle. For example, a cow that is generally pregnant needs a clean and quiet environment. After production, it needs an environment that can be cultivated. The bull needs to maintain its activity to improve immunity. Both will be in a state of conflict. For example, if some bulls are strong, it will easily cause other cattle to be injured. Therefore, it is best not to mix farming in breeding.

Despise disease prevention

Many farmers are vaccinating cattle when they have just bought it. In the later stage, the vaccine was not taken seriously.

The farmer treats the cow with a single medicine regardless of the disease caused by the cow. Unless the disease is particularly serious, the cow will be examined and then the right medicine will be prescribed.

In fact, these are things that are very easy to cause economic losses. In general, as long as the cow is found to be a little abnormal, it must be observed and checked for possible diseases.

Inconvenient observation can be marked or worn. In the usual time, we must pay attention to the prevention of diseases and timely vaccinate the cattle.