Several ventilation and cooling methods in the chicken house

The sultry climate in summer is the most annoying problem for the farmers. In addition, the density of broiler breeding is high, and the ventilation cooling is not good. It is easy to cause the chickens to get sick. At present, the ventilation and cooling of the chicken houses are widely used. the way:

1. Chicken house fan: The fan is installed on the wall of the chicken house. The ventilation cooling effect of the fan has a great relationship with the fan type, installation method and usage method. It is necessary to combine the construction of the house to choose the appropriate ventilation mode. The longitudinal ventilation along the chicken house is better. The method is simple, economical and practical.

Second, wet curtain – fan cooling equipment: This equipment is a new type of cooling equipment, mainly composed of two parts: wet curtain and fan. Through the vertical ventilation of the low-pressure large-flow energy-saving fan, a strong negative pressure flow is formed in the chicken house, and the hot air outside the house passes through the wet curtain and cools into the chicken house, thereby lowering the temperature of the house. This kind of wet curtain and fan cooling device has remarkable effects and is suitable for closed or semi-open house.

Third, automatic spray cooling equipment: It is mainly composed of water tank, water pump, filter, nozzle water spray pipe and automatic control system. Automatic spray equipment, in addition to water spray cooling, can also add a certain proportion of disinfectant and bactericide in water, formulated into the corresponding concentration of liquid medicine, spray disinfection of the chicken house, or with chicken disinfection, so that it can prevent heat and cool, but also Sterilization.

With these ventilation and cooling devices, the flocks can comfortably spend the summer.