Summer pasture is sufficient, suitable for rabbit breeding and development, is the golden season for the development of the maintenance industry, but the summer weather is hot, the air is humid, the bacterial virus is very easy to breed, so the rabbits should pay attention to the following six points in summer.


First, the temperature

The temperature at which the home is not suitable is 15~20°C. If it exceeds 30°C, measures against heatstroke and heat should be taken. You can take a pergola outside the rabbit house. In case of hot and dry weather, spray some cold water on the ground to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Second, humidity

The suitable relative humidity in the rabbit house is 60%~65%. If the relative temperature is greater than 80%, various diseases will occur. Such as gastroenteritis, coccidiosis and so on. In the rainy days, sprinkle some sand or grass ash in the rabbit house.

Third, drinking water

In summer, as the temperature rises continuously, when the ambient temperature reaches 20 °C, the drinking water of the rabbit begins to increase. At this time, let the rabbit drink fresh and clean water and add 2% salt to the water. It can not only supplement the consumption of water in rabbits, but also achieve the purpose of cooling water.

Fourth, feeding

In summer, various pastures and feeds are prone to deterioration and mildew, so it is strictly forbidden to feed spoiled forage. In addition to feeding grass, it should also adopt different feed formulas to supplement feed according to different growth stages of rabbits.

Five, ventilation

In summer, due to the hot climate, harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in the rabbit house increase. If measures are not taken in time, respiratory diseases can be prevented from causing death. Therefore, it is very important to improve the ventilation of the rabbit house. At this time, a ventilation and ventilation device can be installed in the rabbit house to enhance ventilation and ventilation. It can also open the doors and windows and ventilate the air every day from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Anti-epidemic disease

In summer, various diseases of rabbits are easy to be prevalent, especially for sputum and coccidiosis. Therefore, it is necessary to inject rabbit sputum vaccine on time, and take oral drugs for prevention. It is necessary to do regular disinfection inside and outside, clean up the feces, and once the sick rabbit is found, Timely isolation and treatment, dead rabbits should be buried deep to eliminate the source of infection.