Speaking of catching pigs, many people think that it is the most troublesome job on the farm.

If the way to catch pigs is not appropriate, it will not only affect the efficiency of work, but also cause unnecessary economic losses.

Improperly catching of pregnant sows can cause miscarriage and affect the production performance and economic benefits of the farm.

Therefore, it is very necessary to master certain methods and techniques for catching pigs.

First, we need to know the three characteristics of the pig.

  1. The pig’s vision is not good. The pig’s eyes are not bright, it can’t see what the wall is made of, so pig sorting board can block the pig back (but not let the pig touch it, otherwise the pig will rush over).
  2. The pig’s hearing is good. When catching a pig, hit the ground with pig paddle  or call out behind pig group . When the pig hears the sound, he will obey the command. There is a sound behind it, and it goes forward. When there is a sound on the left, it turns to the right.
  3. Pigs are animals that follow the group. It is easier to catch a large group of pigs than to catch a pig, so it is crucial to keep the pig formation when selling pigs.

Second, pay attention to time, route and patience

  1. Choose the right time. In the cold winter, it is suitable to catch pigs in the warm weather at noon. On a hot summer day, choose to catch pigs when it’s cool in the morning and evening.
  2. Establish a route to catch pigs. Artificially designed to catch pigs, there are cement walls, iron fences or opaque colored strips on both sides of the road, so that the pigs will follow the design route. It is necessary to block the roads . It will prevent the pigs from fleeing to the road.
  3. Be patient enough. The pig’s eyesight is poor, but the hearing is good, and it is appropriate to call out behind the pigs group. The pigs will slowly advance after hearing the sound. At this time, according to the pig’s pace, you should not rush to drive away. If you are eager to rush, the pigs walking behind the pigs group will panic and collide, which will make the whole pigs mess.And the efficiency of catching pigs will decrease.

Finally, different pigs use different catching skills

  1. Catch the sow after the delivery.The sow does not want to leave after giving birth. You can grab 2 or 3 piglets in the birthing house and put them in a plastic basket. Put the plastic basket in front of the sow. When the piglet’s cry causes the sow to pay attention, then slowly remove the plastic basket, so that the mother will follow.
  2. Drive the sow out of the field. The pig’s head is covered with a feed bag to cover the line of sight, and the pig will naturally recede when he cannot see the front.
  3. Catch the fattening pigs . If pig catcher (stainless steel pig catcher and generic hog catcher ) is used to cover the selected pigs, the pigs can easily be driven out and the workload of catching the pigs can be reduced. Finally, choose the right catching pig tool.