In the hot summer days, the cattle-raiser care for cattle in the summer should be extraordinarily meticulous. Mosquitoes and mosquitoes should be taken care of, and the work should be negligent.

Summer beef cattle farms have always been a headache for mosquito repellents. Repellent flies are also worried about toxic and cause damage to beef cattle. There are a lot of cattle farms now using non-toxic mosquitoes, and the effect is very obvious. I will ignite one every 10 meters, and one can burn for about 10 hours. When I put it in, I can find the wind direction. There is also the need to clean up the manure in time and stack the manure. Regularly eliminate the work of killing the eggs and eggs to achieve the effect of completely eliminating mosquitoes and flies at the source.

If the forage in the summer fattening cattle farm is improperly handled, it is easy to be mildewed and deteriorated. It is necessary to observe the change of the forage of the cattle in time and find that the mildew is cleaned up in time. The forage in the cow trough must be cleaned up after the cattle are full, especially the gap between the corners of the trough, carefully cleaned to avoid mildew and deterioration. Once the cow has eaten, it will cause mold infection, which can cause serious death.

In the hot summer, the adjustment of fattening beef cattle feed is also very important. When feeding beef cattle, high-heat feed must be used with caution. For example, bad food such as beer grains and white distiller’s grains. Once used, it will cause heat in the cattle, and the mouth will stretch out. This time, it should be treated and treated in time to quickly cool the cattle. The most direct way is to spray the cows. cold water. As the weather changes, when the fall season is properly increased, the amount of bad use should be properly adjusted according to the seasonal changes. Otherwise, if these high-calorie feeds are used improperly, the internal heat of the cattle will be caused, and the heat is also a poison, and the growth will be late. Will be seriously affected.

Summer is also the time when the virus spreads fast. It is necessary to carry out regular disinfection. It is best to disinfect once a week. The same disinfectant should not be used for each disinfection. It is best to prepare more than three kinds of cattle farms to achieve effective effects of various bacteria. Killing and using it alternately works best.

Then there is the drainage system of the beef cattle fattening farm. When the rainy season comes, flood control is also very important. Plain areas are prone to guilt, and the drainage system must be disposed of before the rainy season, so as not to flood the cattle with excessive water. The storage of the forage can not be neglected. Once the forage library is soaked in water, the loss will be large.