The development of modern large-scale farming and animal husbandry engineering technology has experienced a tortuous course.

Today, the breeding industry has made great progress. Many small-scale farms are good at operation and management. They have expanded their breeding scale through profit expansion and re-production, and some enterprises have raised 50,000 to 200,000 poultry. And they also began to use automatic farming (ventilation, feeding, drinking, defecation, picking eggs).

On the other hand, leading enterprises have gradually improved the distribution of interests in various chains, and the construction of large-scale farms has become more and more perfect. At the same time, the construction of epidemic prevention projects and awareness of epidemic prevention have been strengthened. It has the market’s ability to resist risks and its scale is growing.

It is important to note that the establishment of modern automatic feeding and drinking systems is playing an increasingly important role in modern scale farming.

Feeding equipment includes a feed tower, a conveyor, and a feeding machine.

The feeding machine has a variety of spiral spring type, chain type, and cable type. Various feeding machines can be used for both flat and caged. The coil spring type and the cable tray type feeding machine are open-type conveying feeds in the cage, and the flat feeding can be used for the closed feed.

The coil spring type feeder consists of a tank, a feed pipe, auger, a tray and a drive motor. It is suitable for a variety of poultry such as broilers, laying hens, breeders, turkeys and ducks.

Since the feeding is concentrated in the center of the pan, the feed is somewhat adjustable, which prevents the chicken from catching and splashing the feed, thus greatly saving the feed. The disc is made of durable UV-resistant plastic for easy disassembly and easy cleaning.

The drinking water system includes a water tank, a water pressure regulator, a filter, a water pipe, and a drinking fountain.

Drinking fountains are available in nipple, cup, bell and pylon styles, as well as long sinks for easy chicken farms. The hanging tower drinker is only used for flat maintenance.

From the perspective of water conservation and prevention of bacterial contamination, the nipple drinker is the ideal water supply equipment for poultry feeding. However, the choice must be paid attention to the sealing performance of the nipple drinker, you must choose a high quality water-proof drinking fountain.

The use of feeders and drinkers not only eliminates manpower, improves labor efficiency, but also saves feed and water, and also ensures the feeding and drinking water hygiene of poultry, thereby increasing the survival rate of poultry and improving the economic benefits of the farm.