Some people have summarized the secrets of raising chickens: the first is ventilation, the second is ventilation, and the third is ventilation.

Therefore, the important point of raising chicken is ventilation.

Remember: To reduce the mortality rate of chickens and improve economic efficiency, it is necessary to ventilate the chicken houses.

The standard body temperature of the chicken is 41.5 ° C, and the heart rate of the chicken is 260-350 beats / min.

The body temperature is high, and the metabolism is strong, the feces produced are more, and the carbon dioxide and water vapor are exhaled.

The main harmful gases produced in the chicken house are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and dust.

These dirty air greatly affect the health of the chicken, and exceeding a certain concentration will harm the health of the chicken.

Excessive concentration of harmful gases can easily induce respiratory diseases in chickens, leading to anemia in chickens, weakening of body constitution, decreased production performance and disease resistance, and causing huge losses to laying hens.

Harmful gases in the house should not exceed the following limits: NH3 15-20 mg/kg, CO2 0.3%, H2S 10 mg/kg.

Therefore, while paying attention to heat preservation, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation of the chicken house.

Ventilation is the most frequent means of regulating the air environment in a house.

Ventilation can maintain indoor sanitation and normal living environment, purify the air, and discharge harmful gases, water vapor, excess heat, dust, and microorganisms in the air out of the room to provide sufficient oxygen and fresh air for the chicken house.

It is also possible to adjust the temperature and humidity conditions within a certain range.

Generally, the temperature inside the house is higher than the outside, and the ventilation can discharge the residual heat in the house and exchange the air at a lower temperature.

The proper temperature in the house is maintained by controlling the amount of ventilation and the length of ventilation.

Choosing a quality and affordable poultry ventilation fans and Turbine Ventilator for the house is essential.