Poultry Nipple Drinker

Although the rural areas are now developing, we can still see that many farmers’ families still have the habit of raising chickens. When it comes to farming, the most important thing is the management process. If management is in place, the benefits will ultimately be particularly good, but if management is not in place, there will be hordes of illnesses, which is quite scary. Therefore, if you want to breed your own chickens, it will become the dream of many chicken farmers. As long as you master the following 7 points, you can ensure that the chickens do not develop or have fewer diseases within 30 days.

First, lighting management: In the process of raising chicken, it is best to use those light bulbs with relatively small wattage, in this way, can reduce the intensity of light. If you have not prepared a small wattage bulb in the first four days of the culture, you can use a large wattage instead, but in the following days, you must replace it with a small wattage of 3-5 degrees, because the light is too strong. It will affect the chickens for food. They can’t help but eat their own feces, and eventually coccidia will occur. From this point of view, it is extremely necessary to control the illumination, which allows the flocks to take the initiative to rest and improve their physical fitness.

Second, temperature management: on the first day, try to keep the temperature at around 35 ° C, in the next day, reduce 0.5 ° C every day until the temperature drops to 23 ° C, this data is for your reference In the end, it is still necessary to consider the environment.

Third, ventilation management: Whether it is planting or breeding, ventilation is indispensable, effective ventilation, can allow the waste in the chicken house to be discharged, and then let fresh air into it. Some chicken houses provide a warm stove, although it satisfies the heating effect of the chickens, but a large amount of nitrogen dioxide seriously affects the health of the flock.

Fourth, the water line cleaning: the general chicken house should be closed water line, which is the most prone to germs, so in the process of breeding, we must pay attention to the water line cleaning, which can be a great degree Avoid problems such as diarrhea in the flock.

Fifth, Chicken manure management: Many large-scale breeding sites now have facilities for automatic cleaning of manure, but small-scale free-range models still do not introduce this facility. For manure, manual cleaning is required. Once released for a long time, bacteria and parasites will be produced.

Sixth, the management of materials: The reason why we must control the materials, in fact, is to let the chickens have a rest in the stomach and intestines, this is also time to pay attention to, the first 7 days to give enough food, the first 8 days began to control.

Seven, prevent mold, adenomy gastritis: talk about mold, that is the most harmful to the chicken disease, as long as there is a chicken, it will spread to all, the speed of transmission is quite scary, and there will be gastric ulcer Such as the symptoms of immunization.