The purpose of the functional and corrective hoof repair is to construct the stability of the hoof bearing weight by trimming the weight surface of each hoof; in addition, it is desirable to establish a load balance between the hooves of the two hooves. In this way, the occurrence of hoof ulcer and white line disease is prevented by ensuring a balanced distribution of the weight of the weight surface between the hoof and the toe. Finally, complete the above without excessive hoof repair. Therefore, this goal can be achieved by strictly following the steps mentioned above for hoof repair.

If the pathogenesis of the hoof toe disease is well understood, then it is acceptable and acknowledged that functional hoof repair is an effective method to prevent hoof damage and improve hoof function. Even without this logical connection, a large body of published scientific literature supports this approach, which explains why the law is popular throughout Europe and most of North America. However, despite this, there are still some people who do not follow the scientific basis to repair their hoofs, many of which are simply “beauty” dressings, which do not restore the hoof function and protect it; instead, it increases the toe hoof risk