If you have advanced equipment, you will be able to provide a relatively ideal living environment for your flock of chickens and increase the income of chicken farmers.

In the case of chickens and winters, chickens can use electric heating, plumbing, and other heating equipment to heat up to maintain a warmth. If different automatic chickens and different feeding methods have different requirements for chicken equipment, there are some basic chicken equipments such as chicken cage, Chicken drinker, environmental control equipment, feeding equipment, etc. . Chicken cages should include chicken cages and chicken cages.


The first required feeding equipment: the feeding of chickens, mainly using the trough, if you are using cages to raise chickens, then the long troughs are generally used. The automatic feeding requires the feeding machine and feeding. The machine provides food for chickens. Pingyang chickens can also be fed in this way or they can be fed from the barrel of the feed. The shape of the equipment also has an impact on raising chickens. If the chicken eaten the trough is too shallow, and there is no guardrail, it will cause more food waste.


The second equipment needed to raise eggs for laying eggs: If you are raising broiler chicken or Chong chicken, you can use the two-tiered nesting box and place the box in a position of about 4 chickens. The sides of the nest are also available in the form of a strip to ensure smooth air and prevent the eggs from falling to the ground.

The third equipment used to clean the chicken’s manure: a good chicken environment, which requires regular cleaning of the manure, which can be cleaned manually or with a scraping board. However, the scraping board is easily damaged, and the maintenance is inconvenient, and it is difficult to use if the power is not guaranteed.

The fourth cage used: If you are raising chicken, you can use the stencil if you are raising broilers, and you can also use the vertical multi-layer brooder. If you are raising chickens that need to lay eggs, you can basically use cages for feeding. In that case, the space of the farm can be fully utilized, and the sanitary condition of the chicken farm can be improved and the chicken can be reduced and the feed can be saved.


The fifth lighting equipment that is usually needed for raising chickens: Basically, chickens are now mostly illuminated with incandescent lamps. As technology advances, there is also a lighting system that can be timed on the market for easy operation. At the same time, white light tubes can also be used for lighting, saving money and saving electricity.