In pig farms, there is often a phenomenon in which piglets born to sows will die. What is the original factor ?

Does the sow have any obvious symptoms before this happens?

How to prevent this phenomenon when farming ?

• Causes of sows giving birth to stillbirth

  1. There are many reasons for sows to give birth to stillbirth, and it is relatively complicated. For example, sows with premature births, high temperature in the delivery room, lack of nutrition, and drug abuse may cause sows to produce stillbirths.
  2. Secondly, feeding miscellaneous feed, not cleaning and disinfecting farms and feed tanks, incomplete vaccine injection, sows being frightened or heated, and cold may also cause sows to diebirth.
  3. There are also diseases that affect sows, such as viral diseases, swine chlamydia, leptospirosis, and pseudorabies, which can cause stillbirth.

• Symptoms of sows before giving stillbirth

To be honest, there is no special symptom before the sow has a stillbirth, and when the sow is in the pot, we will know that the sow has produced a stillbirth.

Sows have two symptoms of stillbirth, which are premature birth and stillbirth.

Premature birth and normal production are the same, but the piglets produced are weak, and some piglets may be dead pigs. The stillbirth will be produced along with the placenta.

• Precaution

For the phenomenon of sows’ stillbirth, the most important thing is to take preventive measures.

Then we need to protect the sow from the cause of the sow’s production of stillbirth.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to properly manage the feeding, reduce the stress response, avoid the accidents such as crowding and impact of the sows, and ensure the health management of the farms and reduce the incidence of diseases . For example, using an advanced drinking water system .

Finally, it is necessary to do a good job in vaccine prevention and timely vaccination according to the scientific immunization process.

• Control method

After the sow is postpartum, take the brown sugar soup to the sow to avoid vaginitis.

Secondly, when breeding, the sows are injected with penicillin, streptomycin and aminopyrine to avoid bacterial infection.

Also, injection of pituitary or oxytocin injection for oxytocin.

When it is necessary to take the cesarean section to take the stillbirth, we should apply the appropriate amount of iodine when suturing the wound, and inject the appropriate amount of chlortetracycline or oxytetracycline capsule into the uterus of the sow.

In order to avoid the infection of sows, scientific injection of antibiotics or penicillin or streptomycin .

Finally, 40 mg of chlortetracycline or oxytetracycline can be injected daily, and sodium sulfadiazine is injected twice daily.