Why do cows wear nose rings?

The cow nose ring first appeared in the late Spring and Autumn Period in China, and was designed as a kind of cattle device designed by ancient herders to prevent the cow from losing their temper when they were doing farm work in the farmland.


The strength of the cow is great. The tamer (farmer) knows in practice that the cow’s nasal septum is thin and full of nerves. Just holding and stimulating the nasal septum of the cow can make the cow feel painful and obedient, and conclude that a metal ring is passed through the nasal septum. You can take the yak on the rope.

How to wear a cow nose ring?

The installation of the cow nose ring is very simple, because the modern cow nose ring is mostly self-locking type, the user only needs to open the product, close the cow nose, close the screw, tighten the screw with the product, and twist the screw head slightly.

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