Avoid biting piglet each other because of scrambling sow’s nipple

After the pigs are born, they often fight for the nipples. When they compete for the nipples, they use the canines to fight each other and bite the cheeks. Once infected by bacteria, they will affect their consumption of milk, and some even cause blinking and loss of breeding value.

Avoid biting the sow’s nipple

When the piglets compete for the nipple, the sharp canine teeth will bite the sow’s nipple or breast.

This may cause inflammation of the breast, and the sow will refuse to breastfeed due to pain, and will be restless, and the proportion of stepping on and crushing the piglets will increase.

If the sow refuses to breastfeed for a long time, the milk in the breast cannot be discharged in time. This can cause milk reflux or produce mastitis, affecting the development of the breast. It also reduces the survival rate of piglets.

Improve farming efficiency

Piglets are more prone to biting their tails and ears during childcare and fattening, which seriously affects the breeding benefits.

Ensure the healthy growth of pigs

Some adult pigs are often bitten by canines when they fight. In order to ensure the normal breastfeeding of the sow, the healthy growth and development of the piglet, and the normal growth of the finishing pig, the canine teeth of the piglet should be cut off in time.