Benefits of cutting the pig’s tail

• Reduce biting tail disease

Biting the tail is a bad habit of pigs, the reason is very complicated.

Cutting the pig’s tail can effectively control the disease.

According to statistics, biting tail disease can generally reach 20%-30% in the same group.

Due to the occurrence of the disease, the diet and disease resistance of pigs are reduced, and it is easy to infect necrotic bacteria, staphylococcus, streptococcus. And reduce the production performance of pigs.

• Save feed and increase the daily weight gain of piglets

The function of the piglet’s tail is to drive away the flies and play with other piglets.

Although its effect is not large, the energy consumed by the pig to swing the tail every day accounts for 15% of the daily metabolic energy, which inevitably causes waste of feed.

If this part of the energy is used for fat deposition, it can increase the daily gain by 2%-3% and save feed.

• Improve carcass quality

After the tail is cut, the intercostal fat deposition of the piglets increases, the muscle fibers become fine, the chewing resistance decreases.

The palatability increases, and the slaughter rate increases by 4%-5%.

• Reduce piglet mortality rate

After cutting the piglets’ tails, the survival rate of each nest of the pigs can be increased.

The reason is that lactating sows may inadvertently press the pig’s tail to make it inactive. The piglets did not have the strength to compete for the sows, which caused some pigs to die.

Some sows specifically bite the pig’s tail and cut off the pig’s tail to avoid this.