Broken chickens are a measure that many chicken farms will take. This kind of operation can prevent many bad habits of chickens, such as fighting each other, licking feathers, licking the anus, etc., and reducing the waste of feed. There are many benefits, but they are broken. There are a lot of stresses about repairing and repairing. If improper operation may cause no harm to the chicken, what should you pay attention to when repairing the broken? Here is an introduction for everyone.

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Broken method

In the early break, the assistant holds the chicken in the right hand and holds the protective plate on the left. The chicken is inserted into the hole with the hole diameter of the plate so that the length of the chicken is exposed from the tip of the file to the 1/3 of the nostril (note that the chick head is down) Low, the upper end of the protection plate is inclined inward), so that the exposed upper jaw is longer and the lower jaw is shorter. The operator holds the red-burning electric iron from the tip of the sputum, and replaces it with a fire, cutting it layer by layer from the tip of the sputum to the 1/3 of the nostril. If bleeding occurs, contact the soldering iron for a few seconds to reduce bleeding. When ironing, the head of the chicken should also be lowered downwards to avoid damage to the tip of the tongue, and the protective plate should also have a certain inclination.

Repair method

The upper and lower jaws must be separated. When the sputum is broken, 1/2 is cut with a red-hot scissors; 1/3 is broken when the sputum is broken (both refers to the length from the tip of the sputum to the nostril). Immediately after the break, use an electric iron to trim the acute angle to make it obtuse. During the burning process, the chicken neck should be stretched, the chicken tongue should be automatically retracted, and then a thin iron plate should be pressed against the tongue and mucous membrane to avoid burning the tip of the tongue.


Broken or repaired is a great stimulus to chickens and should therefore be avoided during immunization, transfer, poor health and replacement of feed. One day before and after the sputum, every 10 chicks were fed with vitamin K 0.5-1 mg (drinking water) every day to prevent bleeding. Do not vaccinate within 5 days before and after smashing and repairing. Repairs should be carried out when the weather is cool, and cool water should be supplied after surgery. 1 to 2 weeks after the smashing and repairing, the powdered feed should be fed, and the feed and drinking water in the tank should be kept at a depth of about 6.5 cm.